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Biotechnology is a discipline of engineering which is concerned with the study and use of processes occurring in the living organisms for the welfare of mankind. It is combination of three fields’ micro-biology, chemical engineering and computer science. On the other hand biochemistry is an integral part of biotechnology which is concerned with integrated approaches of biochemistry and biological science.

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  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Bio process Engineering
  • Bio system Engineering
  • Bio-robotics
  • Biomedical Engineering

It is a new emerging field with vast scope and effectiveness. It is a subject which is the base of all new medical and other technical processes coming up in our modern age. It is a very interesting field students get knowledge of the processes taking place inside their body, this point aggravates their interest much in this subject. So students readily get enrolled in this course it’s so good for them and will help them a lot in their career.

As it is a new field so when the time of homework or assignment came up it appears to be a totally new topic and here is the point where the students get anxious and they feel much laden due to loads of work and web surfing they have to do to complete their assignments and with the passage of time their interest in this field decreases and they start getting bored while studying this subject.

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