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Economics or Economic Theory is the study of the governing dynamics of the phenomena involving the monetary nature of the transactions between the state and its subjects. Economics is a discipline of social science in which the analysis of consumption, distribution and consumption of the capital. Economics is an integral part of business as well as it is greatly concerned with business.

Economics is a subject which is worth studying .It has a lot of knowledge of our daily life activities and the ways that could be adopted to run business successfully ,the proper study of economics can help you to make the business lead to sky.

Economics is a subject of vital importance, those who study economics can make their business raise to sky.

Types of economics

There are two basic types of economics.

  • Micro economics
  • Macro economics

Topics of economics

We have recently covered the following topics of economics but our expertise is not limited to these topics.

Monetary policy   Cost and revenue   Supply  
Public Economics   Managerial Economics   Demand  
Econometrics   Applied Economics   Game Theory
Marginal productivity   Developmental Economics Oligopoly

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