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Corporate finance assignment is the most difficult part of finance in it the monetary decisions about the companies are taken and the tools and analysis methods used to make these decisions. Its main purpose is to make the value of shareholders maximum. It is by rule a major discipline of financial management in which all the financial decisions of companies are taken yet it includes the study of financial issues of almost every kind of company.

The Corporate finance can be divided into sub disciplines or sub parts on the basis of technical decisions and the short term or long term.

Decisions of capital investment are long term choices on which projects receives funds ,if an investment is done on equity or debt then the decision is to be taken that whether the dividend will be paid to shareholders or not. The short term decisions are termed for the shorter balances of balancing of balance sheet to balance assets and liabilities.

What are the major sources from which a company can draw help for capital???

Mainly they are three

Debt capital: In this a company takes loan from bank or any other source and the loan is to be returned back, the annual or monthly money should be secured to pay for the borrowed capital before the maturation of consignment.

Equity capital: A company may raise its money by selling out their shares in the market. The shareholders prefer to buy the shares of those companies who give them back a higher rate of return on their shares.Corporate Finance Assignment Help gives ideas to students to manage all these things.

Preferred stock:Corporate Finance Assignment Help also includes business assignment help for preferred stock.

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