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C finds wide applications in Operating Systems, Data Structures

C language is the most extensively used programming language and it is the most technical language as well. Its study has attained vital importance with the emerging advancement in technology. As the technology is evolving the demands of new software are also increasing and thus C language is gaining more importance day by day.

Almost all software include C language as core language. So, its study is now much more important .It is now even taught as a subject in all other courses like mathematics and statistics because they also use software for calculations.

Simple as well as complex programs which are used being built up include C language .The calculations software also include C language. As the calculations software are extensively used in statistics and the study of mathematics so C language has attained undeniable importance.

It includes

  • C
  • C++
  • OOP (object oriented programming)

As the students of other disciplines does not have knowledge about the syntax (the way in which programs are written) of the language. So, they encounter a lot of errors and the works is much easier for the students having knowledge about syntax becomes far more difficult for these students.

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